Infrared Spectroscopy at work for renewable energy biofuel production in the Biodico Laboratories


Biodico produces ASTM grade biodiesel from a wide variety of fats and oils.  Biodico has produced fuel at five commercial locations worldwide since 2000.  Biodico also uses the byproducts of biodiesel production and feedstock sourcing to create other types of renewable energy.  One byproduct of production, called GBX, is modified to enable the creation of methane rich biogas through anaerobic digestion.  Inedible seed meal is gasified to produce a hydrogen rich syngas.

Biodico uses an internally developed FTNIR spectroscopic method to analyze for fuel contaminants and characteristics in-situ.  The method determines the levels of bound and free glycerin, free fatty acids, water, and methanol as well as cloud point and oxidative stability characteristics.  Biodico uses proprietary methods to boost biogas production from commercial and municipal anaerobic digesters an average of 300%.

Biodico has conducted dozens of feasibility studies worldwide to determine renewable energy and fuel production potentials of a project, geographical region, and/or biomass resource.  Studies have been conducted for private, public, military, and academic sectors over six continents.  Biodico specializes in renewable energy production from biomass and the depth of studies range from laboratory based to multi-year international projects.

Renewable Energy Technology and Solutions
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Patented Modular Production

Biodico’s MPU technology is the patented and proven result of roughly 20 years of R&D.

Real-Time Testing

Biodico uses Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy to test biodiesel quality and characteristics in-situ.

Automated Processing

Biodico has automated the biodiesel production process by combining real time analysis with MPU technology.

Green Restaurant Program

Biodico collects waste cooking oil for biodiesel production from restaurants in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Fresno counties.

Interconnected Network

Biodico’s production faciltiies can be remotely monitored and share data so that all of the facilities become smarter as each individual facility processes feedstocks.

Low Carbon Intensity

By utilizing production byproducts for renewable energy generation and next-generation feedstocks, Biodico produces low carbon intensity fuel.

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Biodico is proud to support the sustainable agricultural revolution happening at Zero Net Energy Farms!

Biodico proudly supports the sustainable farming revolution at Zero Net Energy Farms