Our team has the knowledge and experience to help make any of your renewable energy objectives a reality. Have a look at the passionate minds behind the industry-leading team at Biodico.


Russ Teall

President & Founder

Russ Teall is an internationally acknowledged leader in biofuels with more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of the industry including legal and regulatory affairs.  Current President California Biodiesel Alliance;...
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    JJ Rothgery

    Chairman & CFO

    In January 2004, JJ Rothgery became Chief Financial Officer of Biodico and its subsidiaries. In 2005 he was elected Chairman of the Board. Mr. Rothgery started his career at Virginia...
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      Howard Nilsen

      Chief Accounting Officer

      Howard Nilsen is a senior financial executive with over 30 years of diversified experience from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, including the construction of facilities...
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        Trey Teall

        VP of Operations

        Trey Teall is currently managing Biodico's bioenergy development and research operations. He has over 20 years of biofuel experience including: (1) commercial operations, production facility design, (2) operator training at...
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          • U.S. Navy, Naval Facilities Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC) Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Biodico since 2002. Jointly tasked with research, development, demonstration and validation of sustainable distributed renewable energy technology.
          • Major Oil Companies such as BP, CalTex and Shell buy and distribute products produced with Biodico technology. Off-take agreement with Western States Oil for western US and Pacific Rim.
          • Major Universities collaborate with Biodico including UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Diego, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal State University, Johns Hopkins University, Marquette University, U of New Hampshire, U of North Dakota and many more.
          • U.S. and Foreign Governments have provided and continue to provide grant support for Biodico advanced projects, including the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the New York State Research & Development Agency (NYSERDA), and various Government Agencies
          • International and Domestic Private Sector relationships established through globally commissioned feasibility studies, collaborative grants (ALL Power Labs, CardnoTEC, Cogenra, General Atomics, Invensys, SeaHold, The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi, etc.) and high-level speaking engagements.


          • Robert W. Dibble, PhD, Professor, UC Berkeley, Director of the Combustion Analysis Lab.
          • John Diener, President & CEO, Red Rock Ranch, Central Valley California, since 1927, 40 conventional & organic crops.
          • Craig Fusaro, PhD, Marine Ecology and Crustacean Biology Director Joint Oil/Fisheries Liaison Office, Santa Barbara, California.
          • Steven R. Kaffka, PhD, UC Davis School of Agriculture & Plant Science since 1992; Director California Biomass Collaborative since 2007. Director UC West Side Research Extension Center.
          • Eugene F. Rothgery, PhD, post-doctoral fellow at The Max Planck Institute; career Chief Scientist, Olin Corp, Arch Chemicals; 40 patents, synthesis and evaluation of crop protection chemicals; developed various high-nitrogen compounds for DoD applications.
          • Wayne B. Wilson, BS, MS, CMDR, USN (ret), US Naval Academy, Carrier Aviator, F-4, F-14,; 18 years Northrop Grumman, Director–Lockheed Martin Fighter Demo Center, Arlington, VA; Congressional Liaison Officer DoD, State Dept., ALL Services. Currently, Program Manager, Motorola Solutions – US Navy Enterprise Land Mobile Radio Program.
          AN image of Biodico's patented modular biodiesel production facility in Ventura California.


          Flexible Bioenergy Solutions

          The Biodico team has experience working with partners in a variety of fields and industries and can spot potential synergies.

          Targeted Approach

          We are experienced at handling the details needed for a successful project: permitting, materials sourcing, contracting, incentive identification, etc…

          Global Bioenergy Development

          We have worked on projects in five continents and have experience in global trade as well as strategic connections throughout the world.

          At Biodico, we are passionate about what we do!


          For well over a decade we have been able to produce high quality biodiesel and biofuel as well as push ourselves into new territory and create new technologies.  I feel confident that our team is able to handle any new challenges and opportunities that we come across in the changing and exciting field of renewable energy.  By partnering with nearby universities for internship and work study programs we have been able to recruit very talented young college graduates with a passion for the industry and we can pass on our expertise.

          Russ Teall

          President & Founder


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            With 15 years of commercial biodiesel production experience and construction of five commercial facilities, Biodico is one of the most experienced and well respected companies in the biodiesel industry
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            Anaerobic Digestion

            Biodico has worked with many types of anaerobic digestion technology and conducted dozens of studies with external co-digestion sources to create proven increases in biogas production and CHP generation
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            Our team has worked on feedstock development projects for dozens of marine and terrestrial crops, understands the opportunities and concerns involved with feedstock development and maintains many strategic feedstock relationships worldwide


          Four commercial plants installed with a 5th entering production and a 6th under construction


          Patented technology with new improvements, technologies, and applications continually underway


          Technical expertise on production chemistries, biologies, and specifications and a drive to improve on the standard


          EPA project of the year in 2005, NBB innovator of the year in 2012, & many others


          Tested and proven problem trackers and fixers with an eye toward detail and preventative renewable energy problem solving


          A project team and strategic partners with lots of experience working together who know how to utilize each other’s assets

          Biodico is proud to support the sustainable agricultural revolution happening at Zero Net Energy Farms!

          Biodico proudly supports the sustainable farming revolution at Zero Net Energy Farms