Patented and Proven Sustainable Energy Production

20 Years of Commercial Biofuel & Bioenergy Experience 


Biodico’s patented technology for biodiesel production is supplemented by the novel conversion of co-products and by-products to additional renewable energy resources.

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Biodico has one of the most experienced project management and development teams in the renewable sector with involvement in the US Biodiesel industry dating to 1993.

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Biodico has a track record of successful projects with private, public, military, and academic sectors both domestically and internationally.

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Biodico’s MPU technology utilizes real-time testing, automated processing, and an interconnected network to produce low carbon intensity fuel more quickly and reliably than conventional technologies.


Biodico technology works with the full spectrum of fats and oils and Biodico is committed to continuing development of next-generation biodiesel feedstocks such as algae, jatropha, castor, and purpose grown Brassicas.


Biodico utilizes its byproducts to produce biogas which powers the facility. Tests and Feasibility studies are also performed at multiple locations.


Biodico holds a firm commitment to ongoing R&D and utilization of state of the art technologies and internal discovery to produce energy in the cleanest and most efficient way possible.

Experienced Past…Bright Future

A Bit of our Company History

Biodico President & Founder, Russ Teall, was involved in the biodiesel industry in a legislative capacity from the inception of the industry in the US in 1993.  The first National Biodiesel Board annual conference, an event which now draws thousands of people and features a convention center expo floor, consisted of a couple of dozen people discussing plans for the new industry.

Most people and organizations were focused on a petroleum refinery model of biodiesel production, centralized facilities with hundreds of millions of gallons of production capacity bringing in a single type of oil from a wide and disparate area and redistributing the fuel to a similarly disparate area.

After several years in biodiesel, Russ saw that, while the biodiesel industry shared many similarities with the petroleum industry, there were also some important differences.  Biodiesel can be made out of a wide variety of different fats and oils rather than just a crude oil byproduct.  Russ saw the need for decentralized modular production facilities that were able to run on whatever feedstocks were available in the region.

Biodico, then called Biodiesel Industries, began commercial production of biodiesel at a three million gallon facility in Las Vegas in 2000 utilizing waste cooking oil from the city and surrounding suburbs.  Since then, production facilities have been built for clients in Colorado, Texas, and Australia.

Biodico is beginning production at an 18 million gallon per year facility in Fresno County, California and has started construction on a 10 million gallon per year facility in Ventura County, California on Naval Base Ventura County.  The Navy, seeing the strategical importance of distributed fuel generation from a national security standpoint, began working with Biodico under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement in 2003.

The name change from Biodiesel Industries to Biodico came about as the company expanded its focus from biodiesel production alone to the integration of other types of renewable energy.

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Explore pictures and video of Biodico’s projects as well as press releases about the company and other important company news, updates and highlights from the frontlines of the renewable energy industry.

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Biodico provides comprehensive intership programs in a fast-paced laboratory setting. For more information about volunteer internships for college students please email

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Biodico collects waste cooking oil throughout the California Central Coast, Los Angeles, and the Southwest San Joaquin Valley for conversion to biodiesel fuel.

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